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Why Dramix® Steel Fibre


PRISAI designs, builds and insures floors with Dramix® steel fibre

A new standard for concrete reinforcement Dramix® is the innovative steel fiber concept from industry specialist Bekaert which has set a new standard for concrete reinforcement. Dramix® is valued by builders around the world for a wide range of applications, such as industrial flooring, warehouse floors, outdoor pavements, basement parking, residential roads. etc. Now Dramix® is produced locally in Karawang, Indonesia.

Calculation to obtain alternative slab thickness & Dramix® dosage










Technical Benefits of Using Dramix®

  • Increase load bearing capacity due to redistribution of stresses
  • Reinforcement throughout the full depth offers excellent crack control
  • Optimal resistance against impact and dynamic loads
  • Drastic improvement in fatique resistance

Practical Benefits of Using Dramix®

  • 15-30% faster construction due to elimination of rebar reinforcement
  • Less operational problems
  • Durable

Economical Benefits of Using Dramix®

  • Approximately 5-30% cost savings


Comparison with conventional reinforcement

Wire Mesh
    • Reinforcement at particular level, depending on position of cover blocks
    • Tensile strength 400-500 Mpa


      • Reinforcement throughout the section glued fibres
      • Tensile strength 1225 MPa (3D), 1500 MPa (4D) & 2300 MPa (5D)

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