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Concrete Reinforcement

Dramix Dramix® steel fiber is cold drawn wire steel fibre with hooked ends for optimum anchorage. What you can get from Dramix reinforced concrete is ductility and high load bearing capacity. On top of that, you receive a quick and easy application, an efficient and cost effective solution. Available in several types: 3D (tensile strength 1225 -1345 MPa), 4D (tensile strength 1500 MPa) and 5D (tensile strength 2300 MPa). 3D 80/60BG (aspect ratio 80, length 60 mm & diameter 0.75 mm); 3D 65/35BG (aspect ratio 65, length 35 mm & diameter 0.55 mm); 4D 65/60BG (aspect ratio 65, length 60 mm & diameter 0.90 mm) and 5D 65/60BG (aspect ratio 65, length 60mm & diameter 0.90 mm).

Synmix 55 Synmix® macro synthetic fibres, Synmix® 55 polypropylene fibres, are specifically engineered to provide basic post crack control performance. Synmix® 55 reduces crack during plastic shrinkage and concrete hardening. The standard low dosage of Synmix® is very cost-effective, because it removes the need for a conventional anti-shrinkage mesh. It's flexible to work with and easy to mix. Areas of applications include: Sea Defences, Temporary support in mine and tunnels, Agriculture or where minimal shrinkage reinforcement is required.

OL Fibres This Dramix® Hi Perform fibres (tensile strength 2000 MPa) are providing high performance and crack resistance. These are products of choice to create optimal ductility in high strength but brittle concrete from 100 N/mm2 onwards. Available in two types: OL 6/.16 (length 6 mm & diameter 0.16 mm) and OL 13/.20 (length 13 mm & diameter 0.20 mm).



Industrial Floors:

Factory Slab Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse Cold Storage Slab on Pile Repair Old Slab

Rigid/Outdoor Pavements:

Rigid Pavement Rigid Pavement Rigid Pavement Rigid Pavement Rigid Pavement Rigid Pavement Rigid Pavement

Other Applications:

Housing Precast Segmental Lining Basement Shotcrete Slope Safe Box


Old Slab Repair



Prisai Joint

Prisai Joint is a prefabricated armour joint system to meet today's industrial floors, available thickness from 150mm to 300mm with dowel plate thk 6mm (PRISAI_ AJ6) and dowel plate thk 10mm (PRISAI_ AJ10).         Prisai Joint provides plain steel and hot dip galvanized steel to your specific working environment. 






Slab on Pile
Cold Storage
Segmental Lining
Slope & Dam
Safe Equipment

Housings Floor/Slab

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