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With the growing of Indonesian economy, development of world class infrastructure facilities and the growing demand for quality, flooring is one of the top priority to the customer. Today, customers urge to have strong, load bearing, tough & flat floor that would last for long time. There are many newer trends and practices to ensure a much tougher, durable floor to customer.  Prisai also rents  laser screed to customers.  

Our Wide Flooring Services:


Floor Design Formwork Installation


Level Checking Screeding


Ride on Troweling Burnished Finish



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Prisai Flooring Sdn. Bhd.

Ride-on Troweling - Finishing wirh with Ride-on Trowel to increase flatness
Formwork Installation - Preparing & Installing formwork
Level Checking
Screeding - Leveling pavement or industrial floors with vibratory screed or laser screed
Final Finishing - Burnished finish
Floor Design - Designing Floor & Casting Plan