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PRISAI Flat Floor

Elevation - TR34

For warehousing purposes, the surface is very important due to the fact that it affects the speed, efficiency and also the safety of the lift trucks and any manually operated hardware that operates within the facility. For general purposes, such as factory or plant; a flat floor surfaces means a better working place for machineries that requires movement between stations.


The importance flat floor:

            1. Operations are more efficient if lift trucks operate at maximum speed.
            2. Poor surface regularity will cause excessive vibration on a lift truck and increase down time and maintenance.
            3. The VNA turret truck cannot run on a non-flat floor due to the waviness once it reaches a certain height.
            4. Reduction of maintenance cost of the floor
            5. Health & Safety and driver fatique
            6. Reduced damage to stock
            7. Gives a control on the general quality of a floor when constructed







Floor Survey & Certification

PRISAI also cooperates with expert third party floor surveyors with advanced machineries to perform floor survey, ensuring the compliance of superflat floor standards. The third party floor surveyor will then issue a compliance certificate.





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ACI 302.1R
2.5mm elevation differences can mean a 20mm eccentricity in the MHE (TR34)